Busted Bar Slut Is Gonna Give It Up!
Starring: Violette Pink | Site: orgasmatics
Niches: Satin Lesbian Oil Vibrator Orgasmatics
Update: 07-01-2014 | Duration: 00:25:12 | Overall Rating: 9.50
Bar employee Violette Pink is just about to close out for the day when her sexy blonde boss finds a used condom in the trashcan, a clear sign that Violette hasn't been taking her job seriously and has instead been acting like a little slut while on the clock! The boss is of course quite upset at this, so much so that she actually pulls the condom out, squeezes all the jizz out onto Violette's blouse, then brings some oil to get her even messier, and once all this goes down they realize that they may as well go the full distance and lez out right there at the bar. Good thing this boss knows to keep an intense vibrator handy, and she definitely knows how to use it as she starts buzzing away on Violette's shaved pussy, bringing her down to the floor in squealing delight. It's all fine and good to put Violette in her place like this, but the blonde boss isn't leaving without some pussy attention of her own, so these two go at it Orgasmatics style until everyone is nice and pussy satisfied! The boss needs some lovin' and stress relief too!
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