Walking Into Cutie Pie Paradise
Starring: Bailey Nessy | Site: orgasmatics
Niches: Satin Lesbian Vibrator Orgasmatics
Update: 03-09-2013 | Duration: 00:21:00 | Overall Rating: 8.80
Nessy is wondering where the hell her friends have gone, Bailey and another cutie, and after checking around the backyard with her ass tight legging-pants and her sexy blouse she finds them playfully hiding from her in a covered outdoor lounging bed. She's a little upset that they were hiding from her, but when she becomes the focus of their joint attention she's at first hesitant, but then not able to resist both of them coming at her with passion! These babes are cute as hell and they know it, with Bailey and her other friend really looking the part in their cutie pie, skimpy outfits, but when Nessa's pants come down and they all get into the lesbo threesome groove they're all the same flavor of pink and they let Nessy have it! This is all just the appetizer for the vibrator action coming Nessy's way, and if she's able to handle this level of clit buzzing intensity with her cutie friends she can officially join the Orgasmatic club! Sexy, sensual, and ready to please, these three chicks do Orgasmatics proud!
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