Leony Has Her Way With The Insurance Saleswoman
Niches: Lesbian Vibrator Leony aprill
Update: 16-07-2012 | Duration: 00:14:18 | Overall Rating: 9.00
Leony does not like when people try to bother her with this and that paperwork, in this case an insurance salesman trying to sell her overprices services she doesn't need. However, Leony does like Mia Angel herself, one of the hottest insurance saleswomen ever, so naughty Leony goes to great links to have some fun and let Mia know she's not the one in charge here! Just when this agent thinks she's got herself a new client Leony comes up from behind and begins her Leony madness, tying her to her chair and starting to get nasty! Leony first fondles her new hottie "friend" for a bit, then begins to wet her down and gag her mouth, so that when she wakes up she finds herself soaking wet and unable to do much of anything, but lets face it, who the hell is going to refuse Leony!? Unsure of where this is all going and what Leony has in mind, she's at first concerned about her situation, but as soon as Leony busts out the hardcore vibrator Mia gets in the mood and loves her wet pussy attention that ends up being the best home meeting she's ever had in her career! Leony doesn't fuck around and always gets what she wants!!
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