Eight Person Piss Orgy Solves All Problems
Update: 31-01-2010 | Duration: 00:29:16 | Overall Rating: 8.33
Police woman Rachel Evans has been watching the local mafia chapter undercover for quite some time, and she's getting close to making a bust. So, knowing they'll be at Daria and Lexxis' night club today, she calls her boss Frenky to tag along as a couple and gather more information on the dangerous thugs. However, as soon as they enter the place Rachel realizes that her boss is corrupt and in fact good friends with the mafia guys. In any case, she has to play it cool and join them all for drinks, well aware of how these guys can get any woman they want no questions asked. It's about this time that Daria and Lexxis return to their club, and they're surprised to see the whole crew sitting around, including their two showgirls Virus Vellons and Kate Gold. There's still an issue of money as far as the mafia guys are concerned, but taking into account the action that just went on "as payment", the group discussion quickly heats up until they all say fuck it and engage in an amazing eight-person piss orgy that ultimately satisfies them all - problem solved! And, in the unbelievable final scene, two of these dudes have to prove themselves as the ultimate piss lovers - you'll have to see it for yourself to believe it!!
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