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Gina Kilmer and Barbara Summer were out shopping at the local S&M supply store and got almost everything they needed, except some unwilling slaves to try out their new toys on. Pretending they had car trouble, they found two buddies to help them out, then told them they wanted to take them back to their place for a little fun. Thinking they were gonna get laid the guys hopped right in . When they got back, the girls showed them around the house, then took them to the dungeon where they “teasingly” tied them up. Then they duck-taped plastic bags over their heads and the tyranny began! They whipped them, and then clipped clothespins to their cocks and balls too see how many they could get on, then they made them touch each other's dicks and jerk the other off, but not so that they'd cum. Then they put them back to back and tied ropes to their junk and gave the other end to their friend and made them pull it as hard as they could, while listening to the cries of pain from their friend. And not until they had dumped hot wax, verbally humiliated them and whipped them bright red did they kick their bitchboy asses back to the curb.
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