Blue Gel Pit Action!
Niches: Wet and messy Messy wrestling Wam wrestling Gel wrestling
Update: 19-12-2009 | Duration: 00:21:58 | Overall Rating: 9.00
We're BACK with another messy wrestling match in the big blue gel pit! This week's sexy contestants are Suzan Elfe and Nancy B. Suzan struts into the ring with confidence, stopping to pull up her sexy beige satin gown to show a litle ass to the crowd, then heading front to prepare for her competitor, Nancy B., who dances out in her fuchsia silk blouse and silky skirt and makes her way ring. Judge Defrancesca Gallardo blows the whistle and the match is under way! The match is slow to begin-- the two babes going around and around, circling each other like two sexy Spartans in a sloppy Colosseum, ready to fight. Soon enough the two lock arms and grapple around for a bit, before Suzan bends Nancy over, grabs her hands from between her legs and FLIPS Nancy over, slamming her down ass-first into the mat. From then on these babes turn downright ferocious as they claw and grab and snatch and try as hard as they can to rip each others' clothes off. Who will get naked, and just how much bare, gel-covered titty will we see when this giant gelbath is over with? Get your password to ALLWAM.NET now to find out!
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