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Nothing gets girls more in the mood for fucking than getting pelted with snowballs. At least, it seems to have work for Niki, and Lora Licious who, while outside having a quick smoke and a chat, get nailed by a few icy wet balls chucked at them by two mischievous muchachos in the mood to pelt the girls' faces with a different type of balls. So they strike up a convo with the cuties, who invite the boys in to get warm. Once they're inside they meet the third hottie, Rachel, and the dudes waste no time getting friendly with some flirting, then a hot group grope where the guys don't even bother to take the chicks clothes off, they just rip a hole in their pantyhose and let their boners to the talking The boys rail the willing chicks, fucking and pounding their begging holes till they hit the girls over and over again with a ton of hot white jism that the girls drink every last dop of, before washing it down with a nice hot piss cocktail!
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